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Are you interested in the Arthur Murray Introductory Program?

The Arthur Murray Method

Unique 3-way system


    Personal or one-on-one lessons are designed to fix any slips and give pointers to make your steps look and feel better. Our certified instructors are specially trained to understand your personal goals and teach every lesson to your specific immediate and future needs and the keep your lessons fun and easy.


    These classes accomplish two things: introduction and repetition. Once familiar with the steps and dances you’re interested in, you will save valuable tie on your personal lessons.


    Using your dancing is the most difficult part. Supervised practice sessions will help you gain the experience and confidence you need by using what you have learned in a comfortable social setting. With our trained instructors present and available to guide you through new dancing applications, we will prevent you from developing bad habits while having fun and using what you have learned in a social setting with exciting people anywhere.

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